Video: The Only Thing LeAnn Rimes Was Drunk On Last Night On The X Factor Was Attention

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Last night on The X Factor, the contestants did duets with various famous people. Perhaps hoping to remind people that she's a singer first and a tabloid headline second, LeAnn Rimes signed on to sing with Crushable favorite Carly Rose Sonenclar.

And boy did she sing! From the moment she stepped out on that stage, LeAnn Rimes seemed to forget she was not, in fact, there to compete, but to help a talented little girl win.(Perhaps she had a flashback to her Star Search days?) Some people think LeAnn had been hitting the bottle (an assertion she has vehemently denied), but I think the only thing she was thirsty for last night was attention, and lots of it.

“Unfair!” LeAnn Rimes might say. “That's just how I sing. It's not my fault the kid is so much worse than me!” At which point I would show her this video of Jenna Maroney doing the exact same thing to a child on fictional program 30 Rock. I would also argue that her intense showboating dragged Carly Rose's performance down at the same time that it made LeAnn herself look insane. Lose/lose!

Luckily, the talented young Ms. Sonnenclar was able to hold her own at least somewhat, and the show went on. But to LeAnn Rimes, I say: be careful, lest your image be downgraded from “troubled former child star” to “marauding, un-self-aware fame monster.” Consider this your final notice.

(Via TheFrisky)