It’s Cute Gene Simmons’ Daughter Tried Out For The X-Factor, But Still Totally Unnecessary

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Last night on The X-Factor, everyone got a surprise when Sophie Tweed-Simmons, daughter of KISS rocker Gene Simmons, showed up to audition for the show. Her parents come with her to the audition and play the part of warm and loving parents very nicely. Despite wanting to stay anonymous, everyone at the audition quickly recognized her. You know, because she walked around with her dad, Gene Simmons.

And then, once she got to the stage, Demi Lovato immediately called her out as Nick Simmons' sister. Sophie did look genuinely upset to have her cover blown so early on because she wanted to prove to everyone that she could succeed based on her own talents — and not on her parents.

But I'm going to say this as someone with extremely unfamous parents who didn't consider their future children at all when choosing a profession, use what you got. If you want to be a singer and your dad has 90% of the connections in the music industry, you should use them. I promise you that if my parents ran the Internet, I'd have launched my own site at 15 and named myself Editor-in-Chief.

Yes, it's wonderfully endearing when these kids of famous people want to make it on their own,but it's also super silly. The industry's hard enough without having major connections, all children of celebrities who aspire to be famous should just take it easy on themselves and ask their parents for help. It's the least their parents can do after exposing them to a life filled with paparazzi, reality shows, celebrity stalkers and blog editors who stalk people stalked by the paparazzi.

I know it must be hard to admit that your parents got you that first audition, but isn't it harder to hear Simon Cowell give you advice in front of the entire world? I mean, the man can't even wear a real shirt.