Exclusive:Crushable Interns Go Behind The Scenes At The Wendy Williams Show

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Once upon a time, there was a radio host named Wendy Williams. Amazingly bold, outgoing, and dedicated to sharing juicy juicy hot topics with the world, she became the female shock jock, (think Howard Stern style, but more celebrity drama, less porn star talk). Like a magical fairy gossip-mother, she dished all the best entertainment news and must-hear stories. This was occasionally to the chagrin of the fire-breathing FCC, but that never deterred tough Miss Wendy. She was dedicated to going for it. Which is why when daytime TV came a'knocking on her door, asking to carry her away from Radio Land and give her a spot on the small silver screen, Miss Wendy packed up her wigs, and said goodbye to the airwaves. (Airwaves are only for radio, right?)

Done with radio, Wendy Williams is now the star and host of The Wendy Williams Show. And as the Queen of all Media (a title she's given herself that I'm happy to cosign), she is one of my go to sources for all things pop culture. Of course, by "she" I mean her show. Because we're not friends or anything… yet. But we're kind of on our way, since  I got to spend some time with her backstage after Tuesday's live taping. (!!!)

Fellow Crushable intern Elissa and I took a field trip down to Wendy's brand new studio, where not only did we get to watch a live taping, we got taken backstage to chat with Miss Wendy herself.

Just sitting in the audience would have been enough to write about. I'm not a morning person, but I would be if I could start every day in Wendy Williams' studio. From the moment we walked in to the moment the show wrapped, it was a party. There was a DJ playing all the most danceable music as we got shown to our seats and during every commercial break. The only thing missing for me was the vodka soda that typically accompanies that particular soundtrack. Which I guess is a good thing, since it was barely 10AM.

There was a male stripper, and that made up for the lack of booze. He got wheeled on stage in a giant cake and was presented to Nancy Grace, Tuesday's guest and lucky birthday girl. There was even pizza after the show, which I still regret not trying. But most importantly, there was a hype man. In my book, hype men are for rappers and Bar Mitzvahs. But if you don't spit hot lyrical fire, nor are you a coming of age Jew, and you still have a hype man? Then my friend, you've made it. Mazel Tov, Wendy Williams. Mazel Tov.

But she hasn't let the hype man go to her head.

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