The Weekend of Britney Spears: How the Pop Star Shot Back Into Orbit

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Besides the fact that we're all gearing up for that Britney Spears episode of Glee that plans to blow any thoughts of first season's Neil Patrick Harris or Madonna out of the water, the formerly disgraced singer managed to eek her way into about every news story over the weekend. Here's how:

Lindsay Lohan hired Britney's accountant: Because nothing says “I'm legit” than having the guy that doles out K-Fed‘s monthly alimony start keeping tabs on your dollars and cents.

• Getting her body back in shape: Britney's back to wearing short-shorts and bikini tops. It's a real outfit, y'all!

• Being the talk of the town: Besides Steve Carrel leaving The Office, the biggest gossip on Emmy night was Britney's upcoming Glee appearance. Lea Michele couldn't stop raving about how “tiny” Britney was…and that's coming from a person who's pocket-sized herself! Ryan Murphy can't shut up either.

• Having a seemingly healthy relationship: While in Malibu this weekend, rumors started to swirl about another wedding for Britney…this time with former manager Jason Trawick. It'll be her third go-round, but at least Jason seems to have his life together.

• Going Gaga: Sure, Lady Gaga may have overtaken her Twitter following this weekend, but murmurings of a collaboration between the two pop divas actually worked in Britney's favor.