The Wanted Gets E! Reality Show Before One Direction — The Plot Thickens!

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The Wanted Reality Show One Direction

Attention teenage girls! (And I guess everybody else can read this too.) The ever-epic war between boy bands The Wanted and One Direction just found a new battlefield — and it's called E! British quintet The Wanted just landed a reality show on the network before British quintet One Direction. Dun dun duuun. I can hear the two sets of piercing screams now. Enraged young women and swooning young women scream in almost exactly the same way, it seems. Hold on while I put in my ear plugs.

The show, whose working title is The Wanted Life (meh), will follow the boys as they live together in Los Angeles. The network's president, Susan Kolb, says the show has “music, bromance and superstardom.” Eh, I can just watch That Thing You Do! for the hundredth time if those are the things I'm looking for, but I suppose reality TV might be an okay alternative. Immaculate vampire and executive producer Ryan Seacrest says the show is “bound to include irresistible pop tracks along with plenty of humor, antics and drama behind-the-scenes.”

That's more like it! But I of course have a few questions about exactly what kind of antics we're talking about.

First, will there be an awkward run-in between The Wanted's Max George and One Direction's Harry Styles in which they engage in a silent brood-off in front of hundreds of screaming girls? Will Lindsay Lohan have a cameo as the fuzzy reddish (blondish? brunettish??) blob in the far background following Max down the street? Since group member Jay McGuiness is described as having a “Jekyll and Hyde personality,” will we see his nightly transformation? Consequently, will it get better ratings than Do No Harm? On a slightly unrelated note, what's with E!‘s sudden obsession with British pop groups? First it's The Saturdays, now this? I know we Amurricans like the sound of British accents, but still.

Unfortunately we'll have to wait until June to find out the answers to these burning questions. Do you hear that, One Direction? June! That gives you four months to court Andy Cohen over at Bravo. Tell him you read his book; it'll help.

(Photo: Brian To/WENN.com)