The Wanted Throws Down Against One Direction By Promising To Show Up To The MTV VMAs Naked

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The Wanted naked MTV VMAs One Direction Harry Styles

OK, so The Wanted didn't technically call out One Direction when they joked that they should hit the MTV VMAs red carpet au natural, but we have to imagine that the gauntlet has been thrown down! Because let's face it, even though both bands are nominated for Best New Artist, 1D is gonna collect a bunch of spacemen come Thursday. So when MTV asked The Wanted to envision winning the VMA, they knew that they had to be a lot more realistic, and get all of their female fans thinking of their junk out on display.

Siva Kaneswaran said that win or lose, “I think we should just wear nothing. Like, win or lose, we should be totally naked.” He mimed clapping nonchalantly in his birthday suit, while bandmate Jay McGuiness added, “Anything for a bit of press.” I have to appreciate how pragmatic these boys are. Their fanbase doesn't seem to be as passionate as the Directioners — it's not like we write about them nearly as often — and yet the boys seem pretty keen as to how to get their listeners' hearts racing in advance of the awards.

Now the big question is, will One Direction respond? Will Harry Styles drop trou and show off that tattoo whose meaning we've been obsessing over? Will Louis Tomlinson fondle him while they're both standing on the stage naked? Will they strike spaceman poses? Thursday is too far away!

After all, The Wanted does have a leg up on their competition in that they're actually able to sing about orgasms in their songs. The 1D boys might end up in the tabloids more often for dangerous tattoos and steamy relationships with older ladies, but they don't seem to have the same freedom with their lyrics. (Because really, does a girl want to have a guy tell her she's beautiful or make her come?)

If you need to find us, we'll be eagerly refreshing the 1D Twitter to see how they respond. Racy twitpics are totally welcome.

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