The Wanted Is So Mature Because They Sing About Orgasms

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Boy bands, The Wanted and One Direction, are generation Formspring's *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. Except they exude even more sexuality than our boy bands of yesteryear. While *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys sang about young love and first kisses, these bad boys are singing about s-e-x. Because they're totally having s-e-x. Virginal boy bands are so '90s.

Apparently The Wanted song, “Glad You Came,” is about orgasms. Get it? It's about a guy being glad that a girl came. How modern! How chivalrous!

How do we know? Our good friends over at TMZ have given us a little more insight into the situation:

One of the singers from “The Wanted” has finally settled the debate — STRONGLY insinuating the band's hit song “Glad You Came” is really about having an orgasm … not hanging out with some chick you like. The video (shot recently in New York) shows two “Wanted” bandmates on the street —Tom Parker and Siva Kaneswaran — singing the song with a fan.
Everything's going fine at first — maybe a little pitchy — but on the last verse, Tom changes the lyrics, singing instead, “I'm glad you GUSHED” … and gestures near his crotch.

Tom Parker isn't messing around. He's truly glad you came. Can you ever imagine Brian Littrell saying, “glad you gushed!” I can't. Maybe Chris Kirkpatrick, but only because no one ever listened to him anyways.

It's so refreshing that famous boys are allowed to speak openly about sex now. Not like those corset ‘n chastity belt days of the '90s when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears openly claimed they were both virgins (HA!).

So listen to the song and see just how racy The Wanted can get.