The Wanted Continue Their ‘Let’s Insult Beloved Pop Stars’ Streak By Calling Britney Spears Boring

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Don't be fooled by the romantic lines in “Glad You Came,” the boys of The Wanted are not the charming gentleman they portray in their hit song about finding satisfaction from watching a woman orgasm. Nope. These boys are out to create a name for themselves as the men who also find satisfaction by insulting our favorite pop-star-trainwrecks. Calling Christina Aquilera a bitch eariler this year just didn't quench their thirst for pop star tears. So they moved onto someone bigger and better.

That's right. They went after Britney Spears. The woman most well-known for writing the lyrics, “dear diary, today I met a boy” and choosing to marry Kevin Federline. The Wanted met her recently and claimed that she's jaded by fame. But they didn't stop there. You know, at a place where they could still redeem themselves and talk about the negative effect that performing as a child can have on an adult. Nope, Tom Parker went for the kill and told TOPT Magazine, “Britney's beautiful and a nice girl, but when we met her, I expected her to have more personality.”

Wow Tom Parker. I thought a boy band who's currently being overshadowed by One Direction might have a bit more restraint when it comes to discussing one of the world's most legendary pop stars in a print magazine. I'm sorry Britney Spears didn't come with a three-ring circus to entertain you. She's a career woman who sometimes might appear tired, quiet and other adjectives that apply to someone who works long hours.

Want to insult someone without any negative feedback? Try Ke$ha. Insults only make her bones go stronger and her hair grow more feathers. Or Cee-Lo. Because he wouldn't even care. Because he doesn't follow the gossip magazines anymore than he follows mainstream fashion trends.

But not our girl Britney Spears. Poor decision Tom Parker.

Who's next on your hit list? Aretha Franklin? C'mon. You need to have about 78 more hit songs under your belt before you can start outwardly bashing people more famous than you.

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