See Don Draper And Other Mad Men Characters As Zombies In This Smart Crossover With The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead Mad Men crossover parody Barely PoliticalIn the zombie genre, we've encountered the undead in our backyards (Shaun of the Dead), overseas (28 Days Later), and even on a reality-TV set (Dead Set). But what about 1960s Manhattan? Comedy group Barely Political has mashed up two of AMC‘s hit shows into one whip-smart video: The Walking Dead Mad Men. That's right—after the infection hit, instead of turning into slavering, mindless monsters, zombies started up their own ad agency in order to cater to their new demographics. Except that they've also got a sheriff with a ridiculous Southern accent and his ragtag crew stalking their snazzy offices.

The parody doesn't stop at the title: These are the same characters you know and love — or, in the case of Lori, want to dropkick every time she cries, “Where's Carl?!” — from each show. Don Draper still goes through secretaries like they're tissues… only this time it's because he can't stop from gnawing on their brains, as opposed to screwing them. Joan is a badass office manager, even moreso when she's keeping zombies in line. And the guy playing Officer Rick Grimes hilariously plays his character's every exasperation with his clueless comrades, plus a few meta jokes at AMC's expense.

In watching this video, I was about to suggest a Breaking Bad crossover as well, but Barely Political beat me to that punch. Great work, guys.