The Crazy Fashion Choices Of Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Are The True Winners On The Voice

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Last night The Voice announced that Jermaine Paul on Team Blake Shelton won this season of The Voice with the song, “I Believe I Can Fly.” Yay for Jermaine Paul! May he go on to become a music sensation. The new Kelly Clarkson. Maybe even one day the face of Weight Watchers. (A reality winner can only hope for such great opportunities to come along.)

Second place went to Juliet Simms on Team Cee Lo Green, third place to Tony Lucca on Team Adam Levine and fourth place to Chris Mann on Team Christina Aguilera.

While we're very excited for Jeramine, we're more excited to talk about what really matters — the true winner of this season of The Voice. And that's the judges' fashion decisions this season.

For a show that's supposed to be focused only on singing talent, the coaches on The Voice have made some seriously odd fashion choices. Every single one of them has had a questionable outfit or two…

Okay fine, I give up. It's just Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera. They're effing crazy. The things that they wear don't make any sense. But the other two are totally bland. This was supposed to be a gallery with the crazy outfits of all four judges, but Blake Shelton and Adam Levine dress disturbingly normally. It's almost like they don't even want to look foolish. I don't get it, personally. If it were me, I'd be busting out my strange spiky wigs, tiny hats, and incomplete dresses every day of the week. (Or I guess just Monday and Tuesday nights, when the show airs.) But not so, these boys.

Luckily we still have the incomparable Cee Lo, master of poly-blend, and the artist formerly known as Xtina, who excels at squeezing herself through small openings into smaller dresses.

Click through our gallery to check out some of these two coaches' finest moments and join us in shaking our heads in confusion.

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