The Voice, Week One: Who I Love And Who I Hate

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This week was the premiere of The Voice season three. Out of all the music competition shows on television, this one has to be my favorite. I think it's the chemistry between the judges that keeps me watching night after night. It's definitely not the inspirational stories that keep me watching. If I had a dollar for every time someone on The Voice explained a past tragedy in their life and then said “music saved me,” I would be drowning in cash.

For the premiere week, The Voice showed us some amazing singers, and some were not so amazing. A few people couldn't even get chairs to turn around, like Chris Trousdale from the band Dream Street. He wanted to make it so bad because he now serves sushi at a restaurant and it kills him when girls come in and say things like “OMG I had you on my bedroom wall, why are you working here?” Too bad the judges weren't feeling it.

Here's who I was feeling this week and who I wasn't.


1. Devyn DeLoera

This small town girl is a powerhouse. She never fit in while in school, so she had to be homeschooled. She was a weird girl, but with the help of music she slowly came out of her shell. During her audition she sang “Ain't No Other Man” by Christina Aguilera. She sang an Xtina song to Xtina herself. The best part? Christina Aguilera turned her chair around and snagged Devyn for her team.

2. Trevin Hunte

This guy made Carson Daly cry. The former TRL host who has seen EVERYTHING cried when Trevin sang “Listen.” All the judges except Adam Levine turned around and gave him a standing ovation. He was incredible, and he's only 18 years old.  Holy wow he is going to go far on Cee Lo Green‘s team.

3.  Mackenzie Bourg

I think he is my absolute favorite so far. This young kid has had respiratory and heart problems. Last year he was put in an induced coma and feeding tube, but he promised to wake up for Super Bowl Sunday. He did, and he saw The Voice after the Super Bowl and knew he needed to audition. I don't know why only Cee Lo turned around. This kid was amazing, and he's funny too. Blake Shelton mentioned he looked like Harry Potter and then Xtina said she thought he looked like Justin Bieber. His response? “Let's go back to Harry Potter.”

Honorable Mention: Lisa Scinta

While NBC only showed about five seconds from her audition, I knew I loved her because I wanted to her a lot more. Her voice sounds so unique and different, and I think I would love her rendition of “Teenage Dream” more than I love Katy Perry‘s. I feel like she will be a good fit on Team Xtina.

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