The Voice, Week 3: The Blind Auditions Are Finally Through!

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Usher, The Voice, Season 4, Episodes 5-6 Recap

 Welp, just as I thought this season of The Voice was gonna blow, everyone comes out and surprises me! Though I’ve loved the addition of Shakira and Usher as new judge counterparts to Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, none of the singers seemed to have any unique personalities. Even host Carson Daly showed more flavor, earning him the title of The 5th Beatle by Adam.

In a sea of either super blah or too in your face “Look at me, I’m different!” a few moments stood out to me as the blind auditions ended. Next week are the Battle Rounds!

1. Three Favorite Contestants This Week:

Jeff Davis, “U Got It Bad”

Okay, who doesn’t love a white guy who can do R&B? And on top of that, with an acoustic guitar? Cue my swoons. As Carson Daly said about 100 times this week, when you perform a judge's own song it's a big risk but Jeff did his own thing so well, it reminded me of a recent mashup Ed Sheeran did of “No Diggity” and “Thriftshop”.

Sheriff, “Somebody Like You”

So I don’t actually know his name, but I’m just gonna call him Sheriff because that’s his real life job. I just like how happy he is and that he just sang his big heart out. When you meet Sheriff, you think he has GOT to be a cast member of the now-cancelled Buckwild, but actually he's from some random spot in California. As an East Coaster, I don't picture anyone from California being greater than a size 0 or having a country accent. That's what I get. But Sheriff definitely wins for “Most Lovable” of the Week.

Jessica Childress, “Marry You”

So most of the female contestants were MAJORLY annoying, trying to be quirky and/or snarky. Jessica is this sweet, married girl who left her job to pursue her dream. She has a beautifully simple voice and isn’t trying to be a total show pony. My only worry is that in NOT being a show pony, she's gonna lose her shine during the Battle Rounds against all the crazy divas. She's lucky not to be on Shakira's team where we have J Lo, Selena (the original), and Gloria Estefan wannabes scurrying everywhere.

2. Two Least Favorite Contestants This Week:

Caroline Glaser, “Tiny Dancer”
Ughhhhh. Caroline is this 18-year-old self-proclaimed “coffeehouse performer” with no personality and too much ‘tude simultaneously. She has one of those monotone “too cool for school” voices yet is all “I don’t care, I like these open mic nights”. Then why don’t you stick with those? Unfortunately for me, she has a great voice so she’ll probably be around for a while. Prepare to hear me complain every time she does well.

Cameron, “As Long As You Love Me”

I feel kind of bad for him because he wasn’t a bad person, but Cameron focused WAY too much on the dancing and had slim to no singing abilities. As Adam said when the judges gave out constructive criticism, “We can’t HEAR your dancing.” Um hello, The Voice as  a title doesn’t give it away? In retrospect, as I'm writing, I really DON'T feel bad for him because if he's gonna be a talentless double threat, he should go try out for Idol.

3. One Honorable Mention for Most Heartbreaking Moment This Week

There was an ENTIRE sequence of teenagers that kept getting rejected, which NO ONE wants to see! The Voice is about giving people genuine hope because we don’t have to see what you look like for you to be successful. But at the same time because the judges can’t see contestants, they can’t tell that these are just kids shooting for the stars and are like “Man, that 25 year old’s voice SUCKS. Don’t need ‘em.”

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