It’s Sarah Simmons’s World On The Voice, The Rest Of Us Are Just Singing In It

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Cee Lo and Shakira The Voice Recap Top 10

This week on The Voice, the Top 10 took the stage and Sarah Simmons pretty much blew everyone else out of the water. But actually. Adam Levine called her song the performance of the night, and I could not agree more.

SPOILER ALERT: America voted off Team Shakira's Kris Thomas and Team Usher's Josiah Hawley, which is exactly what I thought should happen. Both of these guys are good singers, but they really aren't on par with all the great singers left in the competition.

Speaking of great singers, Sarah Simmons. Just had to get that out. Aside from Sarah,  there were a few other singers who really separated themselves from the pack this week. I'll show you those performances in a moment.

But first, a couple of other things worth mentioning…Cee Lo Green made an appearance this week, assisting Shakira as a guest coach. Just to confuse everyone, he was not holding a furry white cat, sporting a jerry curl, or wearing satin pajamas. I'm pretty sure NBC had to ID him multiple times at the door.

Miranda Lambert also stopped by to perform “Over You” with hubby/coach Blake Shelton as a tribute to those affected by the tornado in Moore, OK.

And now for what was actually the most amazing thing to happen on The Voice stage: The Swon Brothers' Zach Swon made this face. Adam was terrified. It was great.

Zach Swon The Voice Top 10
With that stuff out of the way, let's rank some performances.

#1 Sarah Simmons, “Mama Knows Best” (Team Adam)

What, you saw that coming? Was it something I said? Whatever, this girl totally deserves it. Every week she's more amazing than the last. This time she gave us some real growl and edge with her Jesse J. cover, but of course still made it sound completely effortless. Whether or not she goes on to win the title, there's no denying that her voice is the voice.

#2 Judith Hill “The Way You Make Me Feel” (Team Adam)

In terms of musical prowess, Judith is the only contestant who should be in the same conversation as Sarah Simmons, and she definitely deserves to be there. She's one of those freaks of nature who's completely unique and just dripping in talent. I'm actually not sure that Adam knows quite what to do with her voice; lucky for him, she can do pretty much anything. Including pay tribute to her late mentor Michael Jackson. Personally, I wasn't thrilled with her slowed down, ultra soulful beginning to song (I kind of just wanted it to sound exactly like MJ's record), but props to her for putting the Judith stamp on a classic. And the rest of it was simply perfection.

#3 Sasha Allen “Next to Me” (Team Shakira)

Shakira definitely stepped up her game this week and gave all of her team members much better song choices than she did last time, and that was especially true for Sasha. Sasha toned down the broadway, just like Coach Shakira had asked, and gave a powerful performance of this Emeli Sandé song. Plus, the looked completely adorable in her pencil skirt and heels. My only complaint is that Sasha's backup was too loud during the chorus. She was hitting those high notes during the rehearsal, but was drowned out in the live performance.

#4 Michelle Chamuel “Just Give Me a Reason” (Team Usher)

While most of the other Voice contestants jump around genres a bit in their performances, Michelle does pretty much the same thing every week–she sings a pop song we all know and love to sing along–and every week it works, this week being no exception. She doesn't the massively huge voice of some of the season's other contestants, but she's still got some pretty big pipes. And she has this contagious passion and quirky stage presence that gives her that underdog vibe and makes you want to root for her.

Sorry for not showing your team any love this week, Blake. Maybe next time? My guess is that The Swon Brothers (Team Blake) and either Holly Parker (also Team Blake) or Amber Carrington (Team Adam) will be the next to go. And Sarah Simmons won't be going anywhere for a while. 

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