The View’s First Spat Of The Season!

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The View s First Spat of the Season  alloy default image jpgElisabeth Hasselbeck lets her position be known about pretty much everything (that’s why she still has a job, I suppose) and her opinion is often not a popular one – at least among her fellow panelists on The View.

Yesterday, Elisabeth dredged up Monica Lewinsky (of Bill Clinton sex-scandal fame) during a conversation about presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the fact that polygamy is still practiced in some areas. Elisabeth suggested that Romney may just have a woman “friend” that he’s hidden somewhere, just like Clinton and Lewinsky. OUCH!

Whoopi Goldberg, a known friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barbara Walters quickly put Elisabeth in her place.

“This is a good woman who has gotten a masters degree at the London School of Economics!” Walters, in reference to Lewinsky, declared as she shook a finger in Hasselbeck’s face, the New York Post reports. “She’s doing her best to have a life. Enough with Monica, everybody can move on.”

Goldberg asked Hasselbeck not to mention Lewinsky again. “I’m asking you to do me a favor because there’s no reason for it today,” said Goldberg, who is known as a pal to both Bill and Hillary Clinton. “This has nothing to do with Bill Clinton.”

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