“The Verses” – The Verses

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Ella and Jesse Hooper are back with their brand new outfit The Verses. Their self-titled debut EP shows that this reemergence is much more than simply Killing Heidi Part Two. The Verses    The Verses theverses jpg

The earnest teenage angst and straight up rock of their former incarnation is gone. Ella Hooper’s vocal still have that edge, but they’re utilized for more mature yearnings this time around. The duo always had a pop sensibility, but it seems they’re less ashamed of it. This isn’t about trying to be cool. It’s about embracing classic influences like Fleetwood Mac and The Pretenders, taking their lead and knowing it’s OK to show that softer side.

All the tracks on this EP are potential singles. The pop core is tempered by a dash of country and a hint of rock. The blend is instantly accessible and radio friendly, but there’s no shame in that. I don’t think The Verses are trying to be commercial or please the masses. Instead it seems that the years of musical experience have paid off; The Verses know how to write a damn good song.

Bring on the full-length album; four songs has me wanting more.

Image source: The Verses MySpace