The Vampire Diaries: All’s Fair in Love and the Cure

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The Vampire Diaries 4x18

 In last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Elena and Rebekah were just one doppelganger short of a Charlie’s Angels set. Katherine wasn’t really looking forward to joining their team as much as she was ready to join…ELIJAH’S. Boom, the TVD writers got me again! This week was SO GOOD. I’m sure you’re used to me complaining but this week had the perfect recipe: Katherine + Salvatores + Originals + Klaroline – Bonnie = success.

So last week, Elena and Rebekah ditched Damon to go find the Cure on their own because Elena doesn’t want the guys to get it for her but Rebekah does want it for herself. I have to say, I didn’t think I’d like anything more than those two being enemies until I saw them running the show together. Elena is the mouthy one who talks a lot of shit while Rebekah is the brute force in the pair. Perfectly demonstrated when they tag-teamed Katherine. But they got a little ahead of themselves, because there’s no way they could outsmart in 10 minutes a vampire who’s been on the run for 500 years. She only lets others find them when she wants them to.

Stefan and Damon join forces as the opposing team against Elena and Rebekah trying to nab the Cure so they can use it once Elena regains her humanity and realizes she’s over this vampire crap. Anyways, in a big convoluted mess, Rebekah gets stuck with the brothers and Katherine while Elena pretends to be her doppelganger in a meeting with “em” who turns out to be none other than our original Original family member Elijah! We then find out that Elijah and Katherine have reunited and fallen for each other once more, but the obvious question is “Um, Elijah. You know Katherine’s a sneaky bitch. Does she REALLY like you or is she playing you so she doesn’t die for the millionth time?” Katherine actually does prove it’s for real this time by giving him the Cure and telling him he can do what he wants with it, instead of her original plan to kill Klaus by giving it to him. Sometimes, love has to be patient, y’all. Like half a century worth of patience. Here’s to hoping we get good Katherine/Elijah action in the future!

Finally, no TVD recap by me can be complete without me gushing over Klaus/Caroline time! I’m a huge fan of them mostly because neither of them is easy. They make the other person work to gain their trust and ….friendship may be a stretch, but whatever relationship they have. What keeps breaking my heart is that the show gets them a teeeeensy bit closer but if The Originals pilot that is premiering as a TVD episode April 25th takes off, then goodbye any chance of them happening for real! Anyways, back to last night. Klaus is being tortured by Silas and Caroline is there trying to help him. But as they always do, instead of working synergistically as a team, they just bicker like the old, married couple we all hope they will be someday (while still looking fabulously young forever). Then as their argument hits a head, Klaus no longer feels pain from a stake he thinks Silas lodged into his body and realizes it was all a mind game that only Caroline could take his mind off of. Cue endless sighs. They’re always saving each other, so now I don’t know who’s gonna save them if they part ways at the end of this season…

So in sum, last night’s TVD was perfection! Unfortunately with perfection comes a hiatus…no new episodes will air until April 18th. Mark your calendars, y’all, because Mystic Falls is going to prom!!! I can’t wait for pretty dresses, romantic dances, and whatever supernatural screw up they get next. So come back and check out the next recap in a few!

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