The Vampire Diaries: Rebekah’s Back and Everyone’s a Target

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After School Special

Last night marked the mid-season premiere of The Vampire Diaries, starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, and Joseph Morgan. I don’t really know why these mid-season “finales” and “premieres” are getting official titles now, since this has been a thing for years. I guess it makes them seem like a big deal, which this episode totally was.

Rebekah’s back, y’all, and she wasted no time in getting in everyone’s faces and wreaking havoc. She appeared at a ceremony for Tyler’s dead mom, during which I surprisingly became sentimental about her death. Maybe it was Tyler’s eyes. Bad points for cutie Klaus for killing Mama Lockwood, by the way. Now you’re REALLY not gonna get Caroline for a hot minute. Anyways, Rebekah enlists April to act as a decoy while she compels Stefan, Elena, and Caroline to stay in the library and answer all the questions she has about progress in finding the vampire cure. I’m still wondering what April’s true purpose on this show is, because before this episode I thought she was just useless and annoying. Now I think she’s both of those things, and add to that Rebekah’s flunky.

While Rebekah elicits answers about the cure, she senses something off between Stefan and Elena. Since she’s been absent, she has no idea that they broke up and once she finds out, she milks the pain for all it’s worth. I guess being 1000+ years old doesn’t stop you from being THAT girl who’s (not so) quietly happy you and your boyfriend broke up. Can’t wait to see the angle Rebekah works to be the shoulder for Stefan to cry on. While compelled, Elena confesses to the group that she’s in love with Damon, and while she still loves Stefan, she’s no longer in love with him. Is it just me, or do you guys also always root for the Salvatore brother Elena’s not with at the time? I think Damon and Stefan are just both really good at brooding and looking wounded. So when Elena’s with Stefan, I want her to be with Damon, and vice versa. SPOILER ALERT: At the end of the episode, Elena declares her love to Damon and hops in the car to reunite with him, and at last we see the most genuine smile ever to cross his face. Cue my heart being overly filled with warm and fuzzies at the joy they share!!! Also at the end of the episode, Stefan asks Rebekah to join forces with him to find the cure on their own since they don’t want any part in the Damon-Klaus team that has formed.

Oh, a quick recap about Jeremy being a vampire hunter: Damon and Matt are training Jeremy to be a strong vampire hunter so he can kill in the most humane way possible. Yeah, okay. And how does Matt fit into this equation? So we can see him shirtless? Fine, I’ll take that. But besides eating a LOT of pizza and Klaus setting up a trap by turning the pizza delivery girl into a vampire so Jeremy kills her, not much happens. This is just an attempt to make non-supernatural characters relevant in supernatural storylines. Klaus then just goes to a bar and turns 11 more people into vampires so that we can speed up this process (the audience thanks you, Klaus). We all know these supernatural storylines are what the show is supposed to be about, but we really just like seeing all the romantic entanglements much more.

In one last “why do we care” moment, we meet Bonnie’s dad. Was I supposed to know that it was her dad because he was an adult black male character? Because that’s how the show made it seem, like “Duh, he’s has to be related to her because he’s black”.

Burning Questions: When will “Klaroline” happen? We’ve been waiting…. Who will comfort Tyler in Caroline’s absence? Will they pair Matt and April up at all? Frankly, he deserves better than her. Will Elena finally choose just one Salvatore brother at some point in the series that is not the end? Or will she end up like Blake Lively in Savages and just stay with both guys? Ew. And will there always be another supernatural enemy bigger than the last?  Because now we have this “first immortal being ever” that’s buried with the cure. Is it worth waking him up to stop being vampires?

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