The Ten Most Hated Celebrities

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Joshua Holmes of the most excellent Bumpshack has written a post about the ten most hated celebrities in Hollywood:

  1. Paris Hilton- "Hollywood's most famous slut and quite possibly the most famous slut of all-time…."- Bumpshack.com
  2. Lindsay Lohan– "If Lindsay wasn't famous she
    would have been arrested for public indecency months ago…."- AllieIsWired.com
  3. Tom Cruise– "Another given. I must say though, I never have liked Tommy boy or thought his looks were anything spectacular…."- Celebrity Smack
  4. Kevin Federline– "It is easy to diss K-Fed,but someone has to eventually give this guy some credit. Kevin was never going to go to Harvard, but he was smart enough to marry one of the richest and sexiest (at the time) women in the world… "- Bumpshack.com
  5. Brandon Davis-"This guy is much like Hooker
    Hilton and actually is her #1 sidekick. I don't get why this guy
    thinks he is such hot ***…"- Celebrity Smack
  6. Britney Spears– "The one celebrity we all love to hate. She spends entirely too much time defending her gangsta
    husband K-Fed and setting herself up for publicity nightmares, then claims the media haunts her…."- AllieIsWired.com
  7. Star Jones– "I think Star(zilla) Jones got herself caught in the midst of dislike-hood by making a LOT of foolish choices and dumb ass moves…"- PopBytes.com
  8. Jessica Simpson– "This woman starves for
    attention. Jessica goes everywhere with her stupid hairdresser. "- GoneHollywood
  9. Tara Reid– "She is famous for being drunk 24-7 and being paid to party all over the world…"- Hot Momma Drama
  10. Michael Jackson- "Need I say more"- NosySnoop

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