The Teaches Of Peaches: Lasers! Holograms! Androgyny!

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I remember the first time I saw avant-garde rocker/performance artist/kick-ass chick Peaches perform live. (Clarification: Not Peaches Geldof, people.) It's not the type of show you forget: In our tiny Midwestern college club space, Peaches (aka Merrill Beth Niske) rocked out with her fake cock out, threw up glitter onto the audience, invited everyone on stage for an encore…and then literally disappeared into a cloud of smoke. Literally. I have friends who still swear that they were dancing almost on top of her when the fog machine blasted everyone with air, and a second later she was gone.

It's been 10 years since her seminal work “The Teaches Of Peaches” hit the charts (featuring her roommate Feist and in a later album, Iggy friggin' Pop, that's how hardcore this chick is), though the concert was probably in 2004. So what has Peaches been doing in the last six years? Nothing huge, apparently, just working on perfecting her LASER LIGHT SHOW. Awesome.

Um, a hologram of Iggy Pop? Please, work on developing this. You are so pre-Gaga/M.I.A. that they should be thanking you in their liner notes. Peaches, we're glad to have you back.