The Spice Girls To Perform At The 2012 Olympic Games??

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Wow…It seems like the Spice Girls are really serious about this whole reunion thing. Who better to open for the 2012 London Summer Olympics than the Spice Girls?! Well…actually I’m sure you can think of many more possible performers who’d be better, but still, it’s exciting for them.

Their manager, Simon Fuller broke the news saying, "They stand for so much in British music history and I can’t think of a better time for them to get back together for another performance."

He added, "The demand for them as a band is as strong as ever. They will not want to be performing hits like Wannabe in their 40s, but it’s amazing how often people talk about another reunion. And I think if they do it, it’s going to be in 2012."

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What do you guys think about this? I’m really not sure how I feel. I mean, they really have been a big part of British music, and they have a great fan base, but performing at the Olympics? I’m just not quite on board for that.

Image: Zuma Press