Facts About The Real Von Trapp Family That Will Change Everything

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The live stage production of The Sound of Music airs on NBC at 8 P.M tonight. And never in my life have I been more excited to live tweet a trainwreck. Is there a chance that this will go off without a hitch and I'll be eating my cape tomorrow? Yes, I guess. But let's think postively guys! Things could work out for us. In fact, if God is real and my prayers are being read in a timely manner, it's possible Carrie Underwood could pull a Miguel. Just jump into a crowd of people and land right on top of someone. Personally, I'd put that above whiskers on kittens and wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings on my list of favorite things. Also, sidenote, really wild geese? You're so easily pleased Maria.

While we sadly cannot fast forward through today and be on our respective couches watching this together, I thought I'd blow your mind instead. You did want your mind blown today, didn't you? I always try to blow mine at least once before the weekend begins. So please,  join me as we talk about the real von Trapp family. Turns out they're better suited for a Lifetime movie than a network musical (dramatic pause), which is why it's so fun to see some of the true facts.

Let's begin.

1. Maria future von Trapp didn't come straight from her lady monastery to play nanny diaries with all the kids. She came specifically to tutor one of the children after she contracted scarlet fever. And no you Little Women enthusiasts, her name wasn't Beth. And no death enthusiast, she didn't die. (fact via)

2. Georg von Trapp wasn't an uncaring father who needed to be taught to love his children. Although that did make the movie much more exciting. So much suspense as he decided if he liked his own children. Sure they could sing, but this was before the days of Hanson and the Jonas Brothers. A family act wasn't what it is today. (fact via)

3. Maria and Georg WhistleBlower didn't marry for love. Or even for like. According to Maria's very own autobiography, she married for stability. Which I think we all know means a permanent plus one. Is there anything worse than seeing “plus one” on an invite and not having anyone to take? Sure, sure, she ended up loving him. But they were never star-crossed lovers drawn together by the music. (fact via)

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