The Situation’s ‘Formal Wear’ Line Is Here

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The wait is over! Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino‘s line of formal wear is finally here to teach all you uncouth louts out there how to be classy and sophisticated.

Yes, it's true. After signing a six-figure contract with FLOW Formal to lend his refined image to a line of tuxedos, The Situation has delivered us these things of wonder, hand stitched, no doubt, by Sitch himself over the course of many sleepless nights he could've spent doing Jager bombs or throwing himself on grenades. Such dedication.

“They approached me because I am a trendsetter,” the high fashion icon told In Touch of the collab. “DTF has a new meaning: Down To Formal! I'm really excited to show a classier, more sophisticated side of myself.”

And what could be classier than pairing a suit jacket with acid washed jeans, too much hair gel and a plastic rosary?

Ah yes, you could pair a dress vest with a wife beater, too much hair gel, and a plastic rosary. That would be even classier. And in case your wedding isn't panning out to be enough like an episode of The Jersey Shore for your liking, they're got some stuff that's meant for your special day, too. The Situation knows a thing or two about love, and he's going to help you kick off your marriage right.

(Via MTV Style)