The Situation Will Have To Give Up All His Vices In Rehab

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Sometimes when you give up one bad habit you lean on another, like overeating when you can't go out for a cigarette. Unfortunately for The Situation he won't have his exposed abs to comfort him in rehab; his sleeved shirts will have to remain down. No mention of whether or not fist pumping will be permitted.

The Cirque Lodge, the rehab where he's currently staying has a strict dress code that states you can't wear muscle shirts, sleeveless tops, ripped jeans, hats, or sunglasses. Beyond the clothing Do's and Don'ts the rehab center also bans bare bellies, no matter how impressively ripped they might be.

Getting himself out of his normal outfits and into more conservative attire might actually help The Situation as he goes through rehab; with a different look it might be easier to get far from the Jersey Shore state of mind. If The Situation resolves to stay away from substance abuse and takes to fashion beyond tank tops he might emerge from rehab nearly unrecognizable, which will mean he's that much closer to becoming a real adult.