Dedicated The Simpsons Fans Plan To Watch All 500 Episodes To Break Guinness World Record

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The Simpsons fans Guinness World Records

Starting tomorrow, 100 Simpsons fans are going to attempt what may not be humanly possible: To watch all 500 episodes of the series in a row, in the hopes of breaking the Guinness World Record for consecutive hours of a TV show watched. But with each episode clocking in at the standard 23 minutes, that comes out to eight days or so with no sleep. Insane!

According to the official rules, the aspiring record-breakers are allowed to take rest breaks and eat and drink. (And we assume got to the bathroom?) Twentieth Century Fox is helping to sponsor the event, so there's the added incentive of getting swag if you make it to the finish line. Oh, and a share of the $10,500 prize.

Interestingly, the 500th episode “At Long Last Leave” airs on February 19.

I don't know how those fans are gonna handle the sleep deprivation, because when I'm the least bit tired and you plop me in front of the TV, my eyes shut immediately. As the Washington Post points out, the current record holders — they watched almost four days' worth of 24 in 2010 — looked like the walking dead at the end of their ordeal.

24 fans Guinness World Records

But as Homer Simpson himself once famously said: “TV: Teacher, mother, secret lover.”