The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Everyone’s A Stripper!

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When we last left the ladies of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, accusations were flying in regards to rumors, infidelity and betrayal. Fingers were being pointed every which way as Teresa Giudice attempted to defend herself against four other women who want absolutely nothing to do with her, including two of her own family members. This week’s episode and the final installment of the reunion introduce the husbands of the housewives to duke it out themselves. We also get a little taste of Kim D. who breaks down what really went down that night at the Posche fashion show.

Andy Cohen brings the topic back to Teresa and Joe Giudice’s marriage. Caroline Manzo attempts to defend herself against Teresa and the comments she made in regards to the state of the Giudice’s marriage and a potential divorce to get a book deal. Before Caroline can utter a word, the topic goes back to the tabloids (of course!) and the financial and legal situations that are looming over the heads of Joe and Teresa.  The Giudices do not appreciate the gossip and rumors and questions that come up about their lives, but in defense of the women, how can you sit there and say that you don’t appreciate being talked about when you’re voluntarily on the cover of magazines with titles like, “I’m Terrified of Being Poor”?

That doesn’t figure. Teresa claims that she never got respect from the women. She claims she asked her family not to speak about her financial issues and they went ahead and did anyway. What is the difference between speaking about it in a huge tabloid and bringing it up on the television show? Before we can get to the bottom of that, Joe Giudice steps in and says that Chris Laurita told him that he met Jacqueline Laurita when he was engaged and she was working as a stripper. Jacqueline, understandably, freaks out and starts screaming about Chicago and conventions and swears on everything. This is the perfect transition for Andy Cohen to introduce the rest of the men from The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

We find out that Joe Gorga has not seen his sister and his brother in law since the Posche fashion show fiasco a year ago. Joe Gorga tries to explain his complicated relationship with Joe Giudice. He believes that Joe Giudice hates him because he is successful. The feud between the two started because Joe Gorga didn’t return Joe Giudice’s tools. Melissa Gorga claims that this tension has been going on for ten years. And it is extremely apparent that there is still tension at the reunion. Andy then asks Joe Gorga if he thinks that the reality show help or hurt his relationship with his sister. He responds by saying that their relationship was messed up before the show even started. He says that he actually got on the show to be closer to her. Teresa scoffs and calls bullshit. Do we believe him? It’s hard to really believe anything that these people say. Cameras are rolling, sure, but is this the way these people really are when they’re not rolling too?

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