The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Is Teresa Giudice An Evil Mastermind?

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It’s finally here, guys! The final installment of The Real Housewives of New Jersey finale is here. We’ve been through so much with these women and I feel like I know them better than ever. When we left off with the ladies, Kim D. was having a fashion show, and Melissa Gorga was confronted by a scary ghost from her past AKA the creepy bald man. He claims to have owned a strip club that she danced at. The awkward tension is palpable, and all the ladies feel uneasy around this weirdo.

Melissa and Teresa Giudice are both well aware of who that man was, but neither say a thing. As each model walks down the runway at the fashion show, Teresa is definitely wearing her heart on her sleeve. She just stays silent and looks around the room for Baldy. When the opportunity presents itself, Teresa follows Melissa to the bathroom so they can have a little chat. Teresa just blurts out that the dude told her that Melissa used to work for him. Teresa says that she knows it’s not true to which Melissa replies, “So you think I used to be a dancer?” Um, Melissa, Teresa just said that she didn’t think the guy was telling the truth. Calm down. If you read these weekly, I never defend Teresa Giudice ever, but Melissa needs to calm down. Teresa is just trying to get things cleared up. She is actually defending her. Melissa freaks out and decides to call her husband, Joe Gorga. Teresa begs her not to, but alas, Melissa claims that this is all Teresa’s fault anyway for bringing it up.

Cut to Baldy talking to some lady about how some shit is about go down and that they’re ready to blow the whistle on Melissa for always playing the “holier than thou” card. Okay, I’m sorry. WHO IS THIS GUY? He shows up out of the blue and he is already causing major issues. Go back to the hole from which you crawled out of, sir. No one wants you here. Anyway, Jacqueline Laurita starts getting text messages from a friend saying that something is going to happen at this fashion show, but she isn’t the target. What? If I got a text like that, I would probably leave that place immediately, but these women all love a good dramatic scene, so we’re in for something good.

Teresa is on the hunt for Baldy to tell him off, but Kim D. claims that he left the building already. Kim D.’s story conflicts with what the Bravo cameras caught him saying earlier, and this guy is a big shady mother. Kim D. comes over to where the ladies are sitting and talks a bunch of nonsense. She is such a clown—it’s ridiculous. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that Kim D. knew that bald guy and had every intention of exposing Melissa’s past. It would be more than easy to place all that blame on Teresa too because she’s almost just as foolish and loves an argument.

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