The Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Return of Dina Manzo

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey are back from a little hiatus and let’s just say that when we last saw these lovely ladies, things were getting crazy. Teresa Giudice was screaming. Caroline Manzo was crying. Jacqueline Laurita was…sleeping.

These women were all about ready to rip each other’s heads off (and the husbands got in on it too!). We catch back up with the women after they have returned to Jersey. Everyone is back to their normal lives and getting ready for the first day of school, which turns chaotic for everyone because Milania Giudice is a diva.

After the kids have gotten on the bus to school, each couple rehashes the madness that was Napa Valley. Teresa decides that her relationship with Caroline is over, but she will remain cordial. Teresa tries to talk to Joe Giudice but he is ridiculously rude and superficial. He’s constantly making remarks about the other women’s looks. Unfortunately, Teresa agrees with him and trusts the man who is clearly cheating on her.

Melissa Gorga heads over to Jacqueline house to ask her if she really was sleeping during the whole Caroline/Teresa fight. She kind of admits that she wasn’t sleeping but trying to stay out of the whole fiasco. She figured it was better to just let them hash it out and do their own thing. What I really wanted Melissa to ask Jacqueline was where she got that jean vest. Super cute. Meanwhile Teresa goes over to Kathy’s house to talk about Napa (because none of them can ever let go of anything).

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