The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Dana Wilkey is Back in Our Lives, Thank God

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Dana Wilkey RHOBH Reunion

When we last left The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the women were in Paris, France taking cooking lessons and accusing Kim Richards of getting off the wagon. Totally normal vay-cay in Bravoland. We’ve been dealing with these women and their alcohol issues for quite some time now. Kim Richards, Taylor Armstrong, and even Brandi Glanville have been rumored to have problems with the bottle. While those ladies enjoy a cocktail or two, Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards were fighting on the top of the Eiffel Tower about their friendship falling apart. It seems that the women find some kind of resolution, but you never know with these women. One minute, everything is a-okay and the next minute the claws are at.

The women end the trip on a boat where Kim and Brandi bond (New friendship in the works? Will Kim take back calling Brandi a “slut pig”? I sure hope not.) and back to Beverly Hills they go. Lisa is planning on renewing her vows with Ken. Yolanda Foster is being boring with her famous husband that I don’t care about. And Taylor Armstrong meets up with Dana Wilkey(!!!) for drinks. Do you guys remember Dana?  REMEMBER: “Did you hear? $25,000!” She is so outrageous and unapologetically herself. She is so eloquent and profound. Perfect example: “I drink a lot, and I fuck a lot.” Oh Dana, thank you for my new life motto. Dana is perfect.

This is the part of the show where my boyfriend (who I make watch this clusterf**k of a show every week with me) makes comments about how much he hates this show. Last night's comment was, “Jesus, [Dana] is terrible.”

She really is terrible, but she’s also a breath of fresh air when it comes to the show that has been quite boring to be honest. She hates Brandi and thinks she is completely irrelevant ‘their group’ that apparently Dana is a part of. Dana, come on, I thought we were done with all that desperate stuff.

Kyle Richards is having a party to open up her new clothing store, which she appropriately named “Kyle.” That’s the most creative store name I’ve heard since “Dash.” So all the women meet up at this party where Taylor and Yolanda have a little chat about their beef, and there seems to be some miscommunication. Taylor tries to explain to Yolanda that her issues aren’t with her at all, but for her husband, David Foster. Foster was married to one of Taylor’s closest friends, and she felt like she was in an uncomfortable position. She claims that all she has heard is bad things about Yolanda’s husband, which is so rude. Why is this even relevant? Taylor needs to just keep her mouth shut. Anything she has heard about David Foster needs to be kept to herself. Taylor needs to get a clue. Their whole conversation is very anticlimactic. Anything involving Yolanda Foster is usually a bore so I don’t know why I’m surprised.

Kim takes Kyle into the back of her store to try and explain why she was so out of it in Paris. Apparently, Kim had been confusing her medications and was actually taking another pill that makes her super drowsy. Kyle believes this because she wants to believe it. No one wants to think that their sister is an addict and a person who can’t take care of themselves. Apparently the pills look alike. Sure. Okay…I’ll buy this for now. She seems pretty convincing in her whole speech about earning people’s trust and all that. Kyle and Kim’s relationship is so hard to watch sometimes. Kim’s addictions and mental illness weigh so heavily on her sister. Poor Kyle. That is way too much for one girl to handle.

Next week’s episode centers around The Maloofs divorce and how apparently Brandi is to blame for all of this. Aye-yi-yi! The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick needs to get a clue because blaming Brandi is redonk.

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