The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: The Brandi Glanville Show Continues And I Don’t Hate It

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Brandi Glanville Lisa Vanderpump

When we last left the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, all hell broke loose at a dinner party (SHOCKER!) in Las Vegas. The women started throwing jabs at each other over who own what and who was suing who and a bunch of other stuff that seriously none of us care about, but they all think we care about. Everyone is still rehashing and “clearing the air” from the dinner, especially Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards whose friendship is on rocky territory. The two can’t seem to meet eye to eye anymore because Lisa is still hurt from Kyle’s silence while Lisa was being attacked. Kyle didn't defend her friend, which is bogus, but on the other side of the coin, who the hell wants to get involved in another fight? Kyle blames her anxiety (Girl, preach.), and Lisa blames the other women. The two want to get past this, and they hope that the rest of the women will too, but come on, let’s be real.

Before I go on, I just want to let everyone know that the title of this episode is “Game of Scones”, like Game of Thrones but with scones. Lisa throws a tea party for the women later, which is why there are scones involved. As a fan of GoT and also a fan of yummy pastries, I am all for the puns that Bravo is dishing out this week. Thank you, Andy Cohen. You did good, kid.

Anyway, all of the ladies have returned to California and The Brandi Glanville Show continues. Every single episode centers around her, and to be honest, I am 100% okay with it. I truly like Brandi. She’s down to earth, real as hell, and doesn’t take shit from anyone. I wish these other women, like Adrienne Maloof, would get off her back and let her be. They’re all jealous of Brandi because she’s young, hot, and feisty. Kyle doesn’t really enjoy Brandi either because she is the constant in all of this fighting. Kyle isn’t wrong, but is it really Brandi’s fault?

Brandi meets up with the most boring housewife in history, Yolanda Foster, at a horse stable to talk about Adrienne and the tea party. Yolanda eludes to the fact that she kind of hates Adrienne too. She calls her “insecure” and says that she “uses her status to intimidate people.” She’s not cool with it. As Yolanda continues and calls Adrienne “a nobody,” Brandi just keeps her mouth shut and lets out a few frustrated sighs. Well no duh! She’s worried about getting sued! I wouldn’t say shit either. Poor Brandi, man.

One by one, the women (including The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick) show up to Lisa’s tea party. Everyone is drinking already. Taylor Armstrong is already slurring her words. Brandi’s palms are sweating. And I am ready to see some catfights. Will these women go toe to toe over some tea? Will Brandi be like, “Yo, Adrienne, WTF, dude?” Because she should! Taylor makes that conversation come to life when she makes a joke about how everyone is always suing each other anyway. Ms. Armstrong is hella wasted and brings up last year’s party where she was turned away from the door FOR NO REASON. So irrelevant! Someone give that girl a cold shower and some coffee. Lisa has had enough and tells Taylor to cut the shit (though I do appreciate Taylor sort of sticking up for Brandi).

While some of the girls leave the table, Adrienne claims that she never sued Brandi, but is there really a difference between suing and threatening to sue? Adrienne is so full of shit. Just own it! Your lawyer sent Brandi a letter saying shut your mouth or we will sue. That’s that. Somehow tweets and some guy named Bernie get brought into the conversation, and I am lost. Who is Bernie? What about these tweets? Social media and blogging haven’t helped these women in any respects. It just adds fuel to the fire. “Mean tweeting” has been coined as an actual phrase (Thank you, Kelly Bensimon), and these women are now at war.

The two go back and forth, shaming one another and saying “how dare you!”, but the truth of this is that a letter was sent! And Adrienne Maloof is a bold faced liar. What does Brandi have to lose? Nothing! Why would she make up all these lies? She is once again being attacked. Brandi is too smart and too on point for any of this. She gets up and walks away because she’s smarter than this. How many parties and dinners can this poor girl attend before someone cuts her some slack? Yes, she has kind of a big mouth and no filter, but she’s real and truthful. Team Brandi for life.

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