The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Vanderpumps Versus The Richards

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Taylor Armstrong RHOBH

When we last left The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, chaos erupted at Kyle Richard's Moroccan dinner party. Brandi Glanville got into it with Mauricio Umansky, Kyle's husband, over her feud with the Maloof-Nassifs.  Everyone is trying to diffuse the situation, and being the honorable man he is, Ken Vanderpump comes to Brandi's defense, calling Mauricio a “typical man,” but Mauricio isn’t having any of this. He doesn't believe that Brandi meant any harm and that there was no malicious intent when it came to the rumor that Brandi spread, that rumor being that Adrienne Maloof (who made a little appearance in this episode for two seconds) had used a surrogate to have her children. Ken and Lisa believe that Brandi is just a single mom, trying to support her kids. They think it’s tacky and ridiculous to even begin to bring up the idea of a lawsuit.

And while we’re at it, let’s be real, Mauricio’s anger with Brandi does not have anything to do with the Maloofs at all. It's about the fact that there was a huge screaming match involving her at his party, and it made him look bad. Having the Vanderpumps and the Richards family at odds makes me uneasy. These two couples are such good friends, and it would be disappointed to see this all come to an end over something so trivial. We will have to see what transpires between these two. Will Brandi get in the way of this friendship? Do you think that Vanderpumps are going too far to defend Brandi?

To make matters even worse, Taylor Armstrong starts going on a  drunken rant about Yolanda Foster and makes everything about herself. Can I just interject for a second and say that Yolanda is such a worthless housewife. I need her to step up her game housewife wise and show me that she deserves to be a member of the cast. All we ever see her do is work on her house or plant some flowers in the garden. Do something, Yolanda! Make me like you! I guess every housewife can’t be Camille Grammar. Much to my dismay.  To make matters even worse for her, she tells the Mexican workers who are helping her with her house and she tells him that he needs to learn english and then reminds him that when he goes home tonight, the first thing he should do is go learn english. Seriously, Yolanda? Ugh. I cannot even with her anymore.

Everyone is meeting up at some dude named Danny’s (who I am 99.9% sure was on an episode of Bravo’s other gem of a show, Millionaire Matchmaker) art gallery opening. Whoa! Special appearance by Paris Hilton! Is she finally over thinking that’s she’s too good for Bravo? She’s quite subdued while talking to her Aunt Kyle, and by subdued I mean boring. Anyway, Brandi is gathering the girls and suggesting that they come to this thing she’s organizing in Vegas. I’m sure that everything will go so smoothly on this trip with the girls. Because all of the trips these women take go super well! Just like the dinner parties! The episode ends with Mauricio giving Ken a bottle of gin to which Ken “poo-poos” it. It’s a bit awkward and Mauricio claims that the Vanderpumps are still holding a grudge. When did Mauricio become such a drama queen? For real! He is so ridiculous in this episode! Can’t wait for next week when the ladies go to Vegas and pretend they’re strippers!

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