The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: What’s Adrienne Maloof’s Big Secret?!

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UPDATE: Various news outlets are revealing that the big secret is…Adrienne Maloof allegedly used a pregnancy surrogate for the birth of her three sons, and Brandi Glanville spilled the beans on it after Adrienne was talking about her husband, Paul Nassif, being by her side during her C-sections. Busssssteddddd.

When we last left the women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, things seemed to be going okay. The women took a mini-vaycay to Ojai, California, and though there were a few bumps in the road AKA “ShutTheF**kUpGate”, things seemed to go relatively smooth. Though the women seemed to be chummy on the trip, it’s clear that Brandi Glanville and Adrienne Maloof have some issues to work out. The two haven’t been getting along, and ever since Brandi told Adrienne to “shut the eff up,” things have been a little tense.

I’ve never really seen Adrienne Maloof as a key player. For the past two seasons, she’s kind of just sat in the background and was annoying and weird. She came out with a shoe line or something and then got a dog that tried to rival the cuteness of Lisa Vanderpump’s pup, Giggy, and failed. She and her husband just bicker and fight and to be honest I can’t even handle her voice anymore. I just have a sound byte of,  “Oh no! Somebody’s crying!” playing over and over in my head. It’s worse than having “Call Me Maybe” or “Friday” stuck in my head for the rest of my life.

This season, Adrienne seems to have changed her tune. I think she is tired of being in the background while all the rest of the women take the spotlight. She’s been a supporting actress in this Bravo show, and I think she finally wised up that supporting actresses don’t get enough camera time. This would explain her fight with Lisa Vanderpump that got a lot of attention and her tiff tonight with Brandi. Later in the season, we will also see the demise of her marriage with her husband, Paul Nassif. It seems that Adrienne’s agent kicked her ass into gear and thus all the drama surrounding the Maloofs.

At a appetizer tasting at the Vanderpump’s restaurant, Sur, Brandi reveals that Adrienne and Paul Maloof had called Brandi and asked her to publicly tweet certain things about Lisa Vanderpump and take back other things she has originally said. The tweets were supposed to be in favor of the Maloofs. Brandi goes on and on and on about Adrienne. She then reveals a “secret” that Bravo edits out of the tasting and all the women start to react unfavorably, but we don’t know what it is! Are you kidding me, Bravo? What is the secret about Adrienne!? Something with her family? Something with her job? Is she really a man? What did Brandi say?!

Everyone gathers together at Kyle Richard’s husband, Mauricio’s, real estate event to celebrate the big opening. The first to arrive is Camille Grammar (my queen) with her new man, Demitri! I am still so upset that she’s not a housewife anymore. She was such a firecracker. Anyway, when Kim Richards shows up to the event, she makes it a point to go right over to the Maloofs and tell them what Brandi had said at the Sur tasting. Kim tells Adrienne that Brandi claimed she lies. But about what?! That is the part that America wants to know about, people. All we know is that it’s about her family and it’s a “bombshell” and that Paul Nassif gets super pissed off. Adrienne then drops the word “lawsuit”! This must be good! WHAT IS THE SECRET? COME ON. Is it something about the Maloof’s children?

Brandi then overhears Paul call Brandi a “bitch,” and things get ugly. There is finger-pointing and cursing and screaming and a lot of people watching. It’s hard to see Brandi get completely attacked by Paul and Adrienne with no one in her corner, but did she bring it upon herself? Maybe. Look, there is nothing I hate more than a tattletale. Why did Kim have to choose her brother-in-law’s big event to do this? Why did she have to tell Adrienne in the first place? That was completely for drama. Maybe Kim felt like she needed to get back at Brandi a little bit for their scuffles last year. Whatever her reasoning was for telling the Maloofs, this was an inappropriate time to bring it up.

So what is the secret that Brandi spilled? Is it even true? Who was the most out of line at Mauricio’s event? Who else misses Camille?

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