The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: It’s About Time For Taylor’s Intervention

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Taylor Armstrong intervention

When we last left the ladies from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the women were all fighting at Kyle Richards’ black and white party. Taylor Armstrong was getting wasted on a jet with some dude. The Vanderpumps were coming to Brandi Glanville’s defense over her issues with the Maloofs. And Kim Richards was being the normal one. Oh and that other lady, Yolanda Foster, was being as boring as ever.

When we pick back up, Kim Richards and Kyle Richards are talking about Taylor’s drinking habits. Kim can recognize when someone has a drinking problem, and she sees it in Taylor. Let’s be real. As we know from last week,  any woman who has no idea where her daughter is while she’s wasted on a plane with some dude might have a drinking problem. When Kim Richards, the hot mess of Seasons 1 and 2, is telling you that you have a drinking problem. There is a high chance that you do in fact need to cut back on the booze.

Kyle and Kim head on over to Taylor’s to give her a mini-intervention. Unsuspecting Taylor is just like, “Oh! Visitors! How nice!” Little does Taylor know that she is about to have Kim tell her that she has a drinking problem. Cue the black and white flashbacks of Taylor getting wasted throughout the seasons. This all stems from Taylor leaving her daughter, Kennedy, and not knowing where the fuck she was. She claims it was a miscommunication, but we all know that you have to blame a little bit of this on alcohol.

Taylor doesn’t deny that she may in fact use alcohol as a way to escape from her life. Taylor’s husband committed suicide. She was left to pick up all the pieces. She totally admits that after four or five drinks, she uses alcohol as a crutch to help with the pain. I feel like I am so cynical, and I hate to say this, but do you think maybe Taylor is playing along to the whole, “Yes, I am an addict” thing so that she looks like a poor, victim and gets more TV time? I wish that wasn’t the case, but let’s be real. I hope that Taylor does get her shit together. I’d be happy for her.

When the women all meet up at Boring Yolanda Foster’s house for a little get together, she invites the women to go to Paris. Oh yeah, sure. I’ll just clear my schedule and cash in some of my bars of gold that I have sitting in the safe and hop right on that flight. How the hell do these women afford to go on such extravagant trips and on such a whim?! It makes no sense to me, but I guess that’s Beverly Hills.

So the women venture to Paris, as one does on a random Tuesday afternoon, and all reflect on the wonders of the most romantic city in the world. The bottles start popping and the accusations start flying about not Taylor, but Kim! She’s late to the balcony where everyone is supposed to looking at fireworks, and my suspicious says that homegirl might be drunk. Did she get wasted on the plane? Did she take some shit in her hotel room?

She is definitely being extra weird. Smiling for no reason and confused about questions as simple as “What time did you get here?” It seems pretty clear that she is bit “not with it.” I really don’t want Kim to relapse. She’s been doing so well, and even been willing to help others who are also struggling with addiction. It just doesn’t seem right that it has to happen this way. I root for Kim! Taylor’s the one who I don’t really care about. Oh and Yolanda, she’s a big sack of boring potatoes. I obviously just made that phrase up because it doesn’t make sense, but feel free to use it! Until next time guys!

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