The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Ladies Take Las Vegas…Will They Give It Back?

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Las Vegas

When we last left the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, they were gearing up for a big trip to Las Vegas that was being arranged by Brandi Glanville. Brandi is getting ready for the trip by taking pole-dancing lessons, which she seems to be natural at! Go figure! Why is she single again? She’s gorgeous, funny and can work that pole. Maybe she’ll land a gig in Vegas and quit this show, but before I get any further into that, I need to fill you guys in on something amazing that happened within the first five minutes of this episode.

Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump are hanging out with Yolanda Foster and her good friend Suzanne Somers. Yup! That Suzanne Somers! Thigh-master Suzanne Somers! Step-by-Step Suzanne Somers! They’re all hanging out, chatting about having sex when you’re old and all that jazz. I wish that there could be some way to get Ms. Somers on this show for good. That’s all I gotta say about that…

Anyway, Brandi is looking forward to this trip to Vegas because she wants the women to really get to know her on another level. I guess that intimate dinners and parties don’t make for good chances for people to meet and get to know each other, so let’s take a drunken trip to Vegas! Yes!

At this moment, I’m thinking that Brandi has the best intentions right at this moment. She is dying for these women to like her. Aside from Lisa, all these women do is verbally attack her and call her names. And yet, Brandi still craves their approval. I have a good feeling about this trip right now, and I hope that everything goes well. We literally watch the women figure out what they want to pack and wear on the trip for like 20 minutes. It’s painfully dull, and I want to forget that it ever happened. So far, this episode has been ridiculously boring, and I kind of want to gouge my eyes out. So please, let’s move on and just let the ladies emotionally unravel over dinner.

The women begin some sentimental conversations about their trust issues and loving their husbands (or claiming to love their husbands) and how they’re all misunderstood and lonely and CAN I GET THE SMALLEST VIOLIN FOR THE SMALLEST SOB STORY, PLEASE? Enough of this! As all these women go around the table with their respective sob stories about how shitty their lives are, and I cannot even begin to feel any sympathy. You’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars to be on a TV show where you get to talk about nothing and fight with other women over stupid things like fake lawsuits and tabloid stories. And while I do think it’s kind of nice to see the women finally sit down to a dinner and not get into a screaming match, from the looks of next week’s previews, this isn’t going to last long.

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