The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Rise and Fall of the Maloof-Nassifs

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When we last left The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, everyone was settling back into the groove of being around one another. Lisa Vanderpump threw a lavish anniversary party for her restaurant, and everyone was in attendance—except Adrienne Maloof who seemed to be off the invite list. It seems that Lisa and Adrienne have been in a little tiff since last season and this blacklisting was just another nail in the friendship coffin.

We pick back up with Adrienne and Kyle Richards shopping for a present for Portia’s birthday party. Kyle is trying to get the two dueling divas back together and encourages Adrienne to call and apologize to Lisa for claiming that she stole stories to the tabloids—which offended Lisa greatly, and things have not been the same since. Adrienne is well aware that Lisa isn’t going to apologize to her and she seems cool with it—but let’s be real, does she even deserve one? What did Lisa do to her besides not invite her to the party? Who is in the wrong here? Who has to finally woman up and be the bigger person?

Later, some of the girls and their families gather at Taylor Armstrong’s house for some Mexican food. Adrienne and her husband, Paul Nassif, bicker back and forth about how she’s not eating enough food and he’s eating too much and yadda yadda yadda. It used to be cute how these two bickered back and forth, but now I’m starting to believe it’s some weird passive-aggressive tactic they both use because secretly they hate each other, and if you’ve been following the pop culture blogs—they’re divorcing, which is always not fun news.

It’s a bummer that these two called it quits because as I watch this footage of them shopping for high heels (because Paul and Mauricio are going to walk in heels for a domestic violence fundraiser), it seems like they’re really having a good time with each other. They seem to be two good friends just goofing around and making each other laugh. With all the Real Housewife marriages that have gone down in flames since Bravo started this series, is this a curse? Does reality TV “fame” just make people go crazy with ego and greed? Reality TV is a slippery slope, kids, but I digress.

All the women and their families show up to Portia’s birthday party, which by the way is probably the coolest party ever complete with ponies, and tensions are high. Not all the women are getting along (duh), but Kyle is convinced that everyone will keep their composure because it’s a child’s birthday part. Poor sweet naïve Kyle. Brandi Glanville seems hella uncomfortable and mentions how much she wants to leave like ten times because Taylor (who is wasted at the party and can’t really put a sentence together and is slurring her words) and 17 other women at the party hate her, even some convincing from Camille Grammar (AHH!) and Kyle, she still sneaks out. All of these women have so many unresolved issues and problems, it’s giving me anxiety, so I don’t know how any of them handle their lives.

And speaking of not knowing how to handle life, Adrienne and Paul finally show up to the birthday party. Paul mentions that Lisa isn’t there which sparks yet another conversation about Lisa and Adrienne’s tricky friendship. Adrienne feels like no one has defended her and her feelings are hurt. She just wants to have some kind of resolution and move on from the whole thing.

It looks like in next week’s episode, the two sit down and hash it out! If I know Lisa Vanderpump (and let’s be real, we’re BFF), I think she will be classy and dignified and pummel Adrienne to the ground if she puts up the dukes. Until next time, my darlings!