The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Oh How The Kenya Tides Have Turned

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Kenya MooreOh you fickle fickle broads on The Real Housewives of Atlanta…whatever will you do next? You just can't make up your mind how you feel about Kenya Moore, and to be honest I'm right there with you. The way the season has been going so far, pretty much everyone has hated Kenya. She had a run-in with Cynthia Bailey at her modeling agency when she loudly proclaimed against the cootchie crotches on all the swimsuit models, was roundly criticized by NeNe Leakes on the Anguilla trip for having a fake boyfriend, given the serious stink-eye from Phaedra Parks for being so flirty with her husband Apollo, and of course notably stomped out of Porsha Williams-Stewart‘s charity event after Porsha messed up her title, calling her ‘Miss America' instead of ‘Miss USA'. I don't know that she ever did anything specific to Kandi Burruss, but she's certainly covered her bases with the other ladies.

But now everything's switching up. Phaedra had kind of come around to liking Kenya against all odds and even though the other women don't AT ALL, just because she thought she was funny. The two were getting along like gangbusters and even made plans to work together on Phaedra's Donkey Booty workout video. But after Phaedra wasn't willing to pay Kenya for her work securing a distribution deal or to acknowledge the four weeks of pro bono work that Kenya had done in advance, they parted ways. They left things reasonably amicably, and I think still as friends, but Kenya was carrying a little chip on her shoulder.

LIGHTS UP ON A NEW CONTROVERSY. Kenya revealed last night that she's making her own workout video. Which kind of makes sense because she had already spent money and gotten things set up and secured a distribution deal for a video when Phaedra backed out, so why not make her own? Except she's calling it…Stallion Booty. Oh yeah girl? You sure? I've said it before, but you have got some brass balls on you. That's a big eff you right to Phaedra's face, and if you're gonna try to deny that, you really are as crazy as I thought you were for the first couple episodes. But what's funny is that this example of Kenya acting crazy and screwing someone over has actually won people over to her cause, not lost them. Obviously Phaedra is totally over her as a friend, but NeNe and Cynthia are surprisingly receptive to the idea. They recognize that Kenya is a businesswoman and that her concept has a better ring to it, and they're actually throwing their support behind her. I was pretty shocked. Kandi is sticking behind Phaedra for now because she doesn't trust Kenya, and Porsha has been set in the ways of hating her since the beginning, but everyone else is kinda up in the air. How the tides have turned.

I can't wait to see how things fall out next week — who's switching sides and making new alliances in Battle Kenya.