‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Foodcap: Welcome To Haterville

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Welcome back to Atlanta! We missed our ladies over the holiday break, but they're back in business now, making up parties that revolve around food and injections. Let's take a trip into this week's Real Housewives of Atlanta Foodcap to see what happened!

Scene: Phaedra peels peaches for her Sip and See party
Food: Peaches. Duh.

Hmn. I've never heard of a Sip and See party what is that?

“It's when you sip on mimosas or Bellinis and invite people to see your baby for the first time.”

Huh. Cool! Sounds like fun. Also, these parties can be used to get back at people who annoy you. Like Kim.

All this time, I thought people paid attention to Phaedra and Apollo because he spent six years in jail. Not so! According to Phaedra:

“We command a lot of attention, because look at us. We are attractive people, we are doing well. And unfortunately, people aren't happy for other people's success. Especailly in Atlanta…Haterville.”

Scene: Cynthia and Peter have dinner
Food: Twist off wine, salad

Peter needs more money for his restaurant Uptown. Cynthia's a partner in the restaurant (read: gave Robert money for it). And she doesn't want to have a failing restaurant but no money. She tells him to sell it. But that doesn't seem like it's going to happen.

Scene: Aiden's Sip and See
Food: Mimosas, Bellinis, buffet lunch

Those of us hoping for a fight are out of luck. Phaedra invited Kim to her Sip and See, and then just had a nice convo outside. Kim brought her paperwork to prove that she's a nurse. And Phaedra admitted that Apollo's a convict.

Side note: None of the housewives have ever heard of a Sip and See. Phaedra is the best.

Scene: Kim makes her assistant go where no one wants to go
Food: B-12 shots

Kim really expects a lot from her assistants. She's going on tour and makes Sweetie inject her with B-12. Is Sweetie the best paid assistant in Atlanta? I hope so. Because dang, that girl does a lot of jobs no one else would want.

Also, best? When Kim's daughter says this:

“Why are you even going on tour? You're not even that famous!”

Haha. Everyone's a critic, eh Kim? But Ms. Zolciak is still sad to leave her kids:

“My two passions in life are my children and my music.”

Hmn. What did Kim do before she launched her music “career” last week?

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