‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Foodcap: Shopping Is The Best Therapy

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This week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, our merry band of housewives were a little too stressed and pre-occupied to engage in their favorite pastime: namely, eating their feelings. In fact, the housewives seem to have moved into a whole new level of therapy: namely, the retail kind. What did learn this week? That children are a great excuse to buy yourself gifts, proposals are overrated and life sucks when you're not a model. All important lessons, people!

Witness, Sheree Whitfield‘s first maneuver. She's going through a divorce and newly dating a man who claims to be a doctor (but isn't). What's the best way to move beyond relationship turmoil? By buying a new car! Sheree's ex may be filing for bankruptcy, but that's not going to stop her from buyingan Aston Martin, only one of the most expensive cars in the world. Because Sheree's tired of depriving herself:

“This is one of my rewards. To myself.”

You go girrrl.

Meanwhile, last week on Real Housewives, Kim Zolciak was selling half of her belongings to make some extra cash. This week, she used that money to refurbish her office. With pictures of herself, natch! Before you question that decision, Kim has a warning:

“If anyone thinks it's strange that I decorate my office with pictures of myself. Here's what I have to say: eat shit and die.”

But Kim isn't only obsessed with herself. She has also decorated her daughter's room look like Candyland. And it only cost $60,000! Money well spent.

Next, we're on to Cynthia Bailey‘s house, where NeNe Leakes is helping Cynthia's boyfriend Peter orchestrate his wedding proposal. This involves strewing rose petals all over the house and cracking open a large bottle of something that looks like alcoholic Tang. This is our kind of engagement party.

But it's not Cynthia's. She looks less than pleased as Peter gets down on one knee and mumbles something passive aggressive about whether she actually wants to marry him. Wow Cynthia, are you happy that Peter invited your friends and Bravo's cameras for this special occassion? Not so much.

Peter, however, is undeterred:

“I did it my way. Even though she hated it.”

Just the way proposals are supposed to go, right ladies?

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