The real DuBois family vs. the fictional DuBois family

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As part of CBS's continuing series on the real Allison DuBois (side note: do you ever think she gets addressed as anything other than “the real” Allison DuBois anymore?), they've done a video interview with her husband, “the real” Joe DuBois, and their children, who are similarly aged, but not named Ariel Bridgette and Marie.

In it, they talk about how their life compares to their on-screen counterparts. The general consensus seems to be that personality-wise, the characters are pretty true-to-life, but of course the situations are generally different. For instance, this Allison DuBois has never had a brain tumor, and this Joe DuBois has never been held hostage in his office.

One big difference though, is that the real Allison DuBois claims to have her visions while she's awake, while, as we well know, her television character's visions come to her in dream-form. DuBois is happy that in season 6, Allison is having some waking visions, but recent episodes unfortunately seem to be taking those visions away again.

The best thing about the video for me, is that they show clips from the pilot, and the girls are terribly young and cute. Sofia Vassilieva is nearly unrecognizable! Take a look for yourself: