The Perfect Man Review With Hilary Duff

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Here’s a review of the movie The Perfect Man, starring Hilary Duff, which doesn’t go over too well for Duff. Perhaps it was a bad character altogether. Let’s hope, anyway.

“THE PERFECT MAN * (PG, 100mins) Comedy/Romance. Hilary Duff, Heather Locklear, Chris Noth, Vanessa Lengies, Ben Feldman, Mike O’Malley, Aria Wallace.
IF MARK Rosman’s modern-day romantic fable is correct, and there is such a rare creature as the perfect man, then clearly he didn’t work on this film.

If he had, the perfect man would have taken screenwriter Gina Wendkos to task for her sloppy execution of a neat premise, and berated the talented ensemble cast for lacking the vim to spark a mediocre picture to life.

Unfortunately, we’re stuck with a perfectly forgettable comedy of errors, in every sense.

Resourceful teenager Holly Hamilton (Duff) has grown tired of the roller-coaster love life of her single mother Jean (Locklear), who always insists on leaving town whenever her current beau turns out to be no good…

Duff’s performance is too forced: all of her character’s emotions ring false and Holly frequently comes across like a simpering, meddlesome brat.”