The People You Should Know On ‘Out’ Mag’s Most Powerful List

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The People You Should Know On  Out  Mag s Most Powerful List 95618007 268x200 jpgGay fashion and lifestyle magazine Out has released its fourth annual list of the most powerful gay men and women in America — and TV talk show host and American Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres is on top. You may recognize her and some other top people — like Adam Lambert (5) , Perez Hilton (26) and Neil Patrick Harris (7) — but here’s a rundown of everyone you should know on the list — these are people who are powerful in Hollywood and beyond, the major players behind the boldfaced names that dot the list.

The Hollywood Power Players
Get to know these Hollywood movers and shakers, including power agents Bryan Lourde and Kevin Huvane (33) and publicists Simon Halls and Stephen Huvane. These are the men who get the celebs you love in the movies and TV shows you watch, and get them in front of the right cameras and journalists.

Producers and Directors
Sex and the City‘s writer/producer/director Michael Patrick King (35), Milk‘s Gus van Sant (43), True Blood‘s Alan Ball (32) and Precious‘s Lee Daniels (25) are all pretty prominent Hollywood names — especially after the past few years’ awards seasons. But bet you didn’t know about Scott Rudin (20), who has produced films and Broadway shows including No Country for Old Men and The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Dreamworks’ David Geffen (18), who was rumored to be Carly Simon‘s inspiration for “You’re So Vain.”

In the Media
There are many gay media players who actually pick the things that you read and see on TV, in newspapers and magazines and on the Web. First, there are the talking heads like Suze Orman (27), Anderson Cooper (3) and Rachel Maddow (4), and the influential bloggers like TheAtlantic.com’s Andrew Sullivan (31) and Drudge Report’s Matt Drudge (15). But even more important, although maybe less in the spotlight, are the people like Rich Ross, head of Disney Channels Worldwide and Barry Diller (6), the billionaire who owns IAC, the parent company of The Daily Beast, among other things.

Check out the entire list here.

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