A Guide To The Other Netflix Original Series

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A Guide To The Other Netflix Original Series Hemlock Grove season one cast photo 640x429 jpgWith the Emmy nominations being announced yesterday, there’s a lot of attention on Netflix original content, with two shows, Orange Is The New Black and House Of Cards, actually breaking into the top categories with nominations in Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Drama series, respectively.

But while you’re jumping up and down in excitement over those titles getting the recognition they deserve, let me also remind you that Netflix has even more original content up their sleeves. (These are very wide sleeves, naturally, with a ton of bandwidth.) And sometimes people get so psyched up about the obvious ones like Arrested Development season four, OITNB, and HoC that they don’t get as much time in the limelight.

So in honor of our steadfast battle against snubs in all forms, here’s your guide to the other Netflix original series!

Hemlock Grove

Set in Hemlock Grove, a fictional town in Pennsylvania, this horror-thriller series follows Roman Godfrey, wealthy heir to the Godfrey Family fortune, and Peter Rumancek, newcomer to the town, as they team up to investigate recent brutal murders while also hiding some ‘dark secrets’ of their own. HOW INTRIGUING.

The first season premiered in April 2013, with all ten episodes premiering on the same day, as is Netflix’s won’t. And would you look at that! Season two premieres today, with thirteen episodes this time, so get to streaming!


This is a Norwegian television series that stars Steven van Zandt as Frank Tagliano, a fictional New York gangster trying to start his life fresh in an isolated (non-fictional!) town called Lillenhammer. The title comes from the way English-speakers pronounced the town’s name, as well as something that happens to his dog Lily in the first episode.

It was the first ever original Netflix series, premiering in 2012, with two full seasons available online now, and a third started filming in January of this year. So feel free to get attached.

Bad Samaritans

An American series focusing on a community service parole group and their parole officer, anchored by the characters of Jake and Drew, whose anniversary picnic turned into a combination massive breakup / massive wildfire that landed them both with two thousand hours of community service, which they have to serve together, obviously, along with a motley crew of other misfits.

And in case you’re bad with commitment, there’s only one season so far, with just five episodes, so you don’t have to get overwhelmed about catching up. Huzzah!

Those are the main live-action series, but the site has also sponsored original content from three animated shows and many many specials, miniseries, and films. But that’s a conversation for another day. For now, you just put House Of CardsArrested Development, and Orange Is The New Black on the back burner and spend some time with the shows that usually live in their shadows.