The Good, The Bad, And The Originals: The Series Premiere Recap

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If this official pilot is any suggestion, it’s going to be a very bad season for The Originals. Don’t misunderstand; it was incredible. It’s just going to be the naughtier, hipster version of its origin show The Vampire Diaries (TVD). Some of you may have read my recap for the backdoor pilot of the show earlier this spring, but last night’s episode was re-worked in order to stand on its own. This was both good and bad. I advise reading my original (pun intended) recap to give you a few shortcuts.

The Good

Now that The Originals is its own show, we got to see the real story as to why people wanted it in the first place. The show centers on the very first family of vampires who have been around for 1000 years. There are so many stories to tell, but there wasn’t really enough room for it on TVD, yet we still wanted it. Also, somehow Klaus transitioned from being a mega villain on TVD to becoming our favorite tortured bad boy with a soft spot for the smartest girl in town. Tonight’s version of the pilot was good because we got to see the opportunity for this show to bring back together what’s left of the original family and see all the crazy shit they went through in the past millennium or so. We also get to meet a slew of new characters in the form of vampires, witches, and who knows what else lies ahead? These characters are also much darker and twisted than the TVD counterparts. In TVD, supernatural creatures live in a civil fashion among its human populace in secrecy, keeping their abilities and all the drama that comes with it in the dark. On The Originals, everyone in New Orleans is aware of the magic that exists, where these mythical characters actually are in power and run around like rebellious street rats sticking it to the man. Lastly, what is good for people who watched the backdoor pilot earlier, is that last night we saw the same sequence of events unfold, but almost entirely from Elijah’s perspective rather than Klaus. They gave a good new twist to witch Sophie, who loses her sister Jane-Ann at the hands of Marcel, the unofficial vampire king of New Orleans who catches her performing magic. Sophie now has more edge to her after her sister is killed, convinced she has nothing to lose and therefore giving Elijah and Klaus a little more sass than they bargained for.

The Bad

There was so much I liked about the backdoor pilot that was left out of this version of the show that though I enjoyed it a lot, there was still a huge chunk missing. As I mentioned, it was fun to see Elijah’s point of view, but not enough at the cost of losing Klaus. Klaus has been to hell and back a million times, and this version of the pilot just makes him look like a whiny bitch that just wants to get his way. Which, he is, but he has myriad justifications for that. Also, I hate that this has been re-worked to make Hayley (this random werewolf that was Tyler’s friend on TVD) likable. She wasn’t relevant last spring, and she isn’t relevant now. They’re trying to do this thing where she’s having Klaus’ baby to give him a family he’s always craved, but he and Hayley barely liked each other on TVD, and I’d hate for a baby storyline to bring them together. Then there’s this weird protective vibe the writers gave Elijah over Hayley. Are THEY going to fall in love? Will Elijah be a surrogate baby daddy since Klaus could give two shits about Hayley? All. So. Weird. And finally in the world of relationships, in the earlier version of the pilot, there were a few more moments with Camille, a grad student who appears to be the only human central to the plot. She’s new to town and in the spring version, made brief contact with Marcel, and had a nice moment with Klaus. I’m hoping they don’t completely eliminate a Camille-Klaus relationship from the equation, because she had a nice Caroline-wannabe quality to her. Marcel got gypped in this new version as well. When we first met him, he had this sexy, fun vibe to him singing karaoke with a devilish grin. Last night, all we know is that he kills people more harshly than Klaus and doesn’t want Klaus to take everything away from him.

So we won some, and lost some, but I’m actually pretty excited about what’s in store. Despite the uneven double pilots, if you put them together, a lot of good things happened. Hopefully we’ll see Rebekah come into town next week, and see who she sets her eyes on!

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