The Last Known Photo Of The Olsen Twins Smiling With Their Teeth Showing

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Well it's  a Friday and I'm in the mood for an academic scavenger hunt. Since the Legends of the Hidden Temple's apparently closed for renovations, finding the last time Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen smiled seems like the next best challenge. Sure, it's not the shrine of the Silver Monkey, but honestly I accepted the fact long ago that I'm not smart enough to figure that one out anyway.

So last night Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen graced us with their presence. And by us, I of course mean the WSJ. Magazine's Innovator of the Year awards held in New York City last night. I was shockingly not invited. Despite the fact I invented many things, such as celebrity rumors and anonymous sources. But whatever WSJ Magazine, whatever!

According to Pop Sugar, “The Row was recognized by WSJ. for being the fashion innovator of the year.” Cool I guess. But that's not why we're here today.

While posting on the black carpet (Why black and not red? They're innovators.), MK & A pulled their signature no-teeth smile. While I always assumed these toothless smile was a stage they went through to separate their direct-to-VHS days from their fashion designer days, it seems to actually be their thing now. Like forever and ever.

And since we'll definitely never see their teeth again, I thought it was important to get one last memory of them. One moment sealed in the time capsule of the internet that we can all print out and wear on our faces for Halloween.

Could this be it? 39 seconds on Google Images tells me yes. But I could be wrong. Very, very wrong.

I'm messing around. You gotta scroll again to see the real last photo of them smiling.

Got you again. This isn't it. But this photo of the Olsen Twins at their high school graduation in 2004 is the real one. For serious.

And there you have it. The last time anyone saw their teeth. Now don't get me wrong, I still want to be the third Olsen twin. I just want to do it without removing my teeth and I'm no longer sure that's a viable option.

(Images: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com/ The Pet Fanclub/The Glamorous Introvert/Fan Pop)