Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen To Launch Incredibly Wrong Sounding ‘Eau De Olsen’ Perfume

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have done the nigh impossible by transitioning from child stars into very successful fashion people with their expensive and grown up clothing lines, so it stands to reason that they'd want to take it even further by expanding into the fragrance arena with an Olsen-branded perfume. According to The Sun, their scent “Eau De Olsen” will be produced in collaboration with Sephora and feature a mixture of delicate, Japanese-y…wait. Hold the phone. Did they seriously name it “Eau De Olsen?” That sounds wrong on so many levels.

First of all, it literally sounds ugly. The number of glottal stops you have to make to pronounce the name “Eau De Olsen” is not fit for polite company. Second, this surprises me because they've always kept their last name out of their adult brands. They did not call their fashion lines “Olsen Twins Clothing” or “Michelle Tanner's Must-Haves!”, because those names remind you of child stars, not sophisticated ladies. They named them Elizabeth and James and The Row, then quietly shrank into the background, kept their heads down, and worked to build a respectable reputation. That they are putting their name front and center now shows an increased boldness about attracting attention because of “who they are,” which, honestly, I think they've earned with their years of intense shyness and hard work. It's also a sign that their people think they're grown up enough now so the first thing people think when they hear “Eau De Olsen” will not be “this looks handy for baiting the traps on To Catch A Predator.” Which is fair enough, I suppose. I just think that, with their vast reserves of creativity, they could have named their scent something a little bit sexier.

(Via The Sun)

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