What Happened To The Many Movie Boyfriends Of The Olsen Twins?

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Passport to Paris (1999)



In this fine film Melanie (Mary-Kate) and Allyson (Ashley ) travel to Paris, presumably using their passports. While visiting their grandfather they meet two French boys: Jean and Michael.

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Brocker Way played Jean. Then a year later he starred on The Amanda Show and disappeared. Let's cross Brocker off the list of possible husbands.

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Ethan Peck, the dashing Michael, on the other hand is still acting. He's also still getting me all hot and bothered inside. While his career never Ryan Gosling-ed, he's still in three movies coming out in 2012: Mine Games, Nothing to Fear and The Wine of Summer.

Switching Goals (1999)



Their second pre-Y2K tells the story of twin sisters Emma (Ashley) and Sam (Mary-Kate) who find it necessary to switch soccer teams. Naturally they're identical twins so no one notices. While playing their games of athletic espionage, they fall in love with Richie and Greg.

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Jake LeDoux played Richie. While he enjoyed a small career for 10 years, he fell off the map in 2009 after starring in Personal Effect with Ashton Kutcher.

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Tervor Blumas played Greg. He experienced slightly more success than Jake. But I'm only saying that because he starred in three movies that sound like they could be Lifetime movies.

Also fun fact Michael Cera apparently also starred in Switching Goals. Who knew??


 Holiday in the Sun (2001)



Classic story about a family vacation gone completely awry when twins sisters uncover a crime. Madison (Mary-Kate) and Alex (Ashley) also conveniently uncover some love with Scott and Jordan. Trust me when I say this is the best commercial for Atlantis that you'll ever see.

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Billy Aaron Brown played Scott. Billy Aaron Brown's also attractive now. He continued acting after this epic crime drama and has starred in things like Detention and the new MTV series Underemployed.  Well done B.A.B!

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Ben Easter played Jordan. Like Billy A. Brown, he's continued his acting career. And he's continued it by riding on the coattails of MK & A. IMDB tells me he joined them on their show So Little Time, before finally striking out on his own. He's in A Place for Heroes, a movie slated to come out in 2012.

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