John Krasinski Thinks No One Got Too Big For The Office, Has Clearly Forgotten Steve Carell Exists

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A recent interview with John Krasinski leads me to believe he might be in just a wee bit of denial re: certain The Office cast members' post-show prospects versus certain other cast members'.

“I don't think I ever felt a moment of anybody feeling like it was an opportunity for bigger things, that if bigger things came, great, and we would all fully support it,” he tells Ok! Magazine of his and his office mates' movie careers. “For the most part, it worked out really well because we're willing to make it work on our end, too, and come shoot two days and fly back to different places or whatever. This is something that you make a priority, period.”

This might be true for most Office workers, but has he forgotten about a little old person named Steve Carell? As in, the guy who sent the show down a precipitous decline when he quit Dunder-Mifflin to do Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World and Anchorman 2 and such? Maybe he's purposefully blocked out this memory because he feels jealous, and we can't have happy-go-lucky Jim Halpert feeling any emotions as nasty as that, can we? Do you hear that, Michael Scott? YOU ARE DEAD TO JIM.

Speaking of which…I fear John Krasinski may be experiencing a bit of Michael Cera syndrome, in that he plays the same character in everything. He needs to break out of that rut soon or risk being cast as the boring leading man in middling indie rom coms forever. For inspiration, might I suggest a viewing of the ouevre of Adam Scott? He played a similarly nice guy on Party Down and continues to play one on Parks and Recreation (I love you, Ben Wyatt), but mixes things up by playing crazy assholes in movies like Friends With Kids and The Vicious Kind. TV nice, movies mean. See? It's not that hard.

But don't just copy Adam Scott either, Jim. Do it your own way, dammit. Be your own crazy asshole. Then, and only then, will you see serious accolades in your future.

(Via Ok! Magazine)

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