16 of The Office‘s Most Cringe-Worthy Moments

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Often times, watching The Office can be a true test of strength. There are certain moments so unbearable, so embarrassing, so cringe-worthy that even the strongest of us have to look away. If you're someone who's watched the show from beginning to end, a lot of it is because we get so attached to these characters that everything they go through kind of feels like it's happened to us. Even if it's incredibly effing uncomfortable.

Plus, for those of us who have ever worked in an office setting, some of it may be a bit too relatable. (A boss whose jokes you have to laugh at even where they're so terribly awful?! Who can honestly say they HAVEN'T been there?!) So, after years of re-watching horrifying scenes during our The Office binge-watches, we've picked out the show's most truly painful moments.