Sign-In Sheet For Early Office Casting Includes Adam Scott Auditioning For Jim And More

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Sign In Sheet For Early Office Casting Includes Adam Scott Auditioning For Jim And More Adam Scott 640x942 jpg

The Office is wrapping up its ninth and final season, and the cast is getting nostalgic about their time on the series. It looks like their farewell includes the requisite sentimental gift-giving. And Rainn Wilson, aka Dwight Schrute, was kind enough to share his present with the show’s fans on Facebook.

Yesterday Rainn posted a photograph of the sign-in sheet for the first day of casting on The Office. He writes that it was a gift from the show’s casting director. It’s dated November 6, 2003 (Remember those days?!), and it reveals that quite a few now-beloved actors auditioned for the show.

In addition to Rainn and Jenna Fischer, aka Pam, the sheet shows that Parks and Recreation star Adam Scott auditioned for Jim Halpert. That’s right. Instead of being our TV crush as Ben Wyatt, he could have been our TV crush as Jim. At first I thought maybe Adam would have been too young for the role, but then I googled him and discovered that he’s almost 40 years old. And John Krasinski, who ended up winning the role instead, is only 33. So I guess if anything Adam would have been too old for it. You learn something new about celebrity age differences every day, it seems.

Commence daydreaming about Adam in the role of Jim. We at Crushable can totally see it. He does plenty of glancing at the camera on Parks and Rec, so he’d ace that aspect. Plus he’s got that awkward adorableness down pat. It’s not that often that viewers of a long-running show are able to envision a different actor playing a main character, but in this case it really works.

And the other actors on the list ain’t too shabby either. Mary Lynn Rajskub? She’s known for drama on 24, but she’s also made a name for herself in comedy. She could probably pull off Pam. And Hamish Linklater was absolutely hilarious and adorable as Julia Louis Dreyfus’ brother on The New Adventures of Old Christine, so I wouldn’t object to him as Jim. Plus he’s tall and has floppy hair, so he gets points there. And how about our potential Michael Scotts? While I must say I cannot picture anyone else but Steve Carell in this role, Alan Tudyk of Suburgatory and Ben Falcone (Bridesmaids actor and Melissa McCarthy’s hubby) aren’t terrible choices either.

See the sign-in sheet below, and start imagining what might have been. Unlike a lot of other alternate casting stories, this one is pretty satisfying.

Sign In Sheet For Early Office Casting Includes Adam Scott Auditioning For Jim And More The Office Casting 640x856 jpg

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