16 of the Best Cold Opens From The Office

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A cold open in a TV show is the scene that happens just before the opening title sequence. Some shows use this time for jokes, some for monologues, but no one uses the space for anything as masterfully as The Office. With enough time for a whole scene, the show slides in something truly excellent. It's not always related to the plot of the episode to come, yet it still manages to become a scene that people remember – maybe even more so than the ep itself.

There's nothing specific about The Office’s cold opens that make it great. Everything about the scenes, from their set-ups to its executions, that make for brilliant opening scenes. Cold opens are a staple of a lot of TV shows, but the show has taken it and made it its own unique thing. In order to celebrate the beautiful insanity that is The Office’s cold opens, we've decided to rank the best of them in order to help you figure out which ones to watch when you find yourself missing the Dunder-Mifflin crew.