These Office Auditions Make That Weird Dream You Had Where Seth Rogen Was Dwight Come True

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Seth Rogen The Office audition Dwight

Remember a few months ago when Rainn Wilson posted a photo of the sign-in sheet from the first day of auditions for The Office and you began trying to imagine what it would be like if Adam Scott played Jim? Well now you don't have to imagine it. You can actually watch his audition, along with a few other ones that might surprise you. As part of the season 9 Blu-ray (available September 3), The Office is giving fans a peek at early audition tapes from when the show was casting back in 2003. And it's pretty strange to see what might have been. For example, did you ever have a weird dream (nightmare?) in which Seth Rogen brought his booming laugh and stoner style to the role of Dwight Schrute? Did you tell someone about it the next day and go, “Wow, wouldn't it be crazy if that happened”? Well congratulations, that dream has now come true. Look no further than the video below, where you can see Seth audition for Dwight.

There are also appearances from Eric Stonestreet, John Cho, and of course Adam Scott, whom I can absolutely see as Jim. While I adore John Krasinski in the role, Adam has a similar sarcastic, glance-at-the-camera style on Parks and Recreation, and I think he does well in his audition. Seth as Dwight, however? No, that would not have worked. Of course, I say that knowing what Rainn Wilson did with that character and what a different Dwight he portrayed. It's very likely that any of these people could have been cast and I would have thought of them as the only option. I might have become attached to Seth's version of Dwight and scoffed at Rainn Wilson's audition tape as being all wrong. But as it is, I don't approve.

Also, here's a fun fact that you may or may not have realized. Bob Odenkirk, who auditions for Michael Scott here, made an appearance in the show's last season as the Michael Scott-type boss who interviews Pam for a new job. I think he does a good job, but of course I would never in a million years trade anyone for Steve Carell. What do you think I am, a monster?!

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